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26 February 2011 in

A dash of change would do us good!

FEBRUARY 26, 2011

I came across a thought-provoking magazine today. Adbusters deals with everything from the environment to politics, mass media, culture and economics. It's worth checking it out HERE.

The below is taken directly from the site:

I for one am a true believer that the world we live in needs change. We are destroying the earth at an unimaginable rate. Technology advancements are making us connect with a computer screen as opposed to each other. The colossal global debt has shifted from the private sector to the public one. The world is over populated, most of it is underfed. The list goes on and on and paints a pretty dreary picture, yet in most developed nations not many seem to care.

What is troubling is not only the complacency of the public but the archaic ideologies which are expected to propose solutions for new age problems. We need a revamping of those ideologies. This is what draws me to this magazine, it is aimed at challenging the status quo with new enthusiasm, vigor and determination. It encourages and thrives on continually asking questions in order to change things for the better. It allows for the activist and the entrepreneur to coexist, instead of pinning them against each other.

I have recently noticed that people shy away from calling themselves activists; as if the word carries negative connotations, yet to be an entrepreneur is desired. This troubles me, and here is why -- Martin Luther King was an activist Conrad Black was an entrepreneur.

Why is it that those who try to make a difference and change the world for the better are seen as these "wacky" activists? Yet those who lie, defraud and steal are patted on the back because they're entrepreneurs. I believe that little market crash which we call "the biggest recession" since the Great Depression was also caused by entrepreneurs who resided on Wall Street. I'm not, by any means saying that all business professionals fit the same mold, there are some fantastic enterprises out there, there is no doubt about that. All I'm saying is that we should consider more carefully who we are critical of.

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25 February 2011 in

Spoiler Alert: It's Not ALL About You.

FEBRUARY 25, 2011

Do people usually lose interest when you start talking? Do some of them leave the room upon your arrival? Do you typically yell at customer service representatives because you’re the “big all-important customer” who’s always right, and clearly it’s all of them who are idiots? Do you refuse to let people into your lane in hectic traffic because somehow their lane ending is a personal offense against you? Do you refuse to say please and thank you, because it’s actually the world that owes YOU something? Do you take out your shitty day on the customers you are serving because – oh my god, they simply came in for dinner. Jerks! I mean I could go on, but why wait I can just congratulate you right now.

For what? You ask. Oh silly me, the fact that you’re a jerk, I thought that was obvious.
Now, not everyone deserves this prestigious award.  Some of us still fully grasp the idea of kindness, compassion and all around good manners. All hope is not lost. However in a culture of “I” those individuals are dwindling in numbers.  
What is the culture of “I”? It is the notion that the world revolves around you. You are the center of the universe and you deserve the absolute best at all times regardless of the repercussions that has on another individual. It is a culture that champions selfishness, rudeness and aggression as appropriate avenues to achieving ones goals. I agree that we all deserve to be treated well but we are not an island! We need each other! If you don’t believe me try to get a baby to raise itself, not going to happen.
This is where I stand; it is not okay to only think about you. It is not okay to make other people feel like shit to make yourself feel better. It is not okay to yell at someone because they are trying to do their job; conversely it is not okay for you to yell at someone because you’re trying to do yours. It is imperative to say please, thank you and I appreciate you! It is important to help each other out. We should care what others think, not because it should impair us but because it's considerate to factor in their feelings and because it's a checks and balance. Everyone can't run around doing exactly what THEY want, whenever THEY want to. This world would be a disaster (mainly because of the jerks).
I am no Mother Theresa; we all have our moments of weakness. They are a normal part of life but they should not be the norm. So you know what, it’s fairly simple. Don't be a jerk and treat other people with respect, you might actually get exactly what you want.
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24 February 2011 in

Because, Thank You's Are Imperative.

FEBRUARY 24, 2011

This is so pleasantly unexpected! This particular award comes with strings attached:

- Thank the person who gave you the award :)
- Share 7 things about yourself
- Pass the award to up to 10 other versatile bloggers
- Let those other bloggers know you gave them the award
I'm typically not very good at following these kinds of rules, but since someone took the time to look at my blog and recognize me for it, I'll make an exception.
Thanks very much to Joanna for taking the time to read through my ramblings, give her blog a gander HERE.
7 things about me hey, here goes:
1. I am almost done my degree in political science and economics; at the age of 28 it's about damn time.
2. I'm afraid of heights and get internal anxiety attacks when I fly. This is in conflict with my love of travel, but will never stop me.
3. I don't enjoy bratty children. What I enjoy even less are parents who try and excuse their bad parenting which clearly results in bratty children. FYI if the kids throw a temper tantrum they probably should NOT get the toy, maybe turn off that dvd in the back of your van and actually have a conversation with them. Just saying.
4. I love romantic comedies, even the bad ones. This is in direct contrast with my very sarcastic personality.
5. I can't go a day without coffee.
6. I have, what seems to be, a never ending love-hate relationship with cigarettes and wine.
7. My family and friends are my world; I have some pretty amazing people in my life! I am thankful for this every single day,  even if they don't always know it.
I'm pretty new to the blogging deal, so here are a few which caught my eye:

23 February 2011 in

Who Turned On the Sun?

FEBRUARY 23, 2011

It can be safely said that I am not a morning person. I am not only astonished but baffled by people who cheerfully get up at 5 AM. I mean what is so awesome about waking up at the break of dawn? As far as I’m concerned, unless I’m still awake from the night before, that time shouldn’t even exist.

In the last couple of years I have made serious attempts in waking up like a spring chicken. I’d honestly say that, on average I have failed. This confuses and frustrates me because I am generally a happy person. However, I need at least twenty minutes of alone time without any talking to reach my full level of operating capacity. This in itself is an improvement as it used to be approximately an hour. I should also point out that my time frames are estimates and have been known to vary from day to day.
I’m starting to think there is no hope; I will eternally be a night person. I hated bed times when I was a kid and as an adult I don’t even attempt to fall asleep till well after midnight. I get a lot accomplished at night; I think this is in direct relation to my short attention span. The day presents itself with too many distractions; places to go, people to see. The quiet and calmness of the night provides a perfect venue for getting things done.
I really wonder what makes some humans more apt to be “morning people” and others to be “night people.” It reminds me of the never ending battle of blondes vs. brunettes. I attempted to research this today and came across a bold claim stating that people who stay up until all hours of the night are lonely. I wasn’t too keen on that reasoning and therefore have temporarily stopped my research; mainly because I have never looked at it that way and seriously want to assess whether that claim holds any truth in relation to my life.
If the theory holds, I’m getting a pet; seems appropriate for it to be a cat (I’m not too keen on cats, but dogs seem like they are reserved for those happy morning people). Who knows this might be the solution I’ve been searching for and all hope might not be lost.
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20 February 2011 in

Time: How Are You Spending Yours?

FEBRUARY 20, 2011

Denis Waitely wisely said:  “time is an equal opportunity employer.  Each human being has exactly the same number of hours and minutes every day.  Rich people can't buy more hours.  Scientists can't invent new minutes.  And you can't save time to spend it on another day. Even so time is amazingly fair and forgiving.  No matter how much time you've wasted in the past, you still have an entire tomorrow.” That is of course assuming that tomorrow will come.
A lot of us, me included, take time for granted. We assume that there is so much of it left. Time is one of those things we rarely appreciate, frequently waste and almost always overestimate. What makes time so important in each of our lives is that once it passes we can’t get it back. That’s a fundamental truth which can't be argued with – unless you’ve invented a time machine and still haven’t told anyone about it. If that’s the case, you’re just selfish.
In its simplest form, time is a finite resource which comes to each of us for free – yet the way it is spent dictates the outcome of our lives. How we spend our time specifies the knowledge we gain, the love we share, the hurt we endure and the opportunities accessible to us. Because of that, we are very possessive of time, it’s OURS!
I always get a kick out of people who have all these grandiose plans for the distant future yet have no idea what they are having for lunch. I understand and fully support goals, determination and the drive to better yourself and your life. What I have a problem with is a rigid road map which doesn’t allow for any change in circumstance. Is it even possible to survive life that way without a heart attack or sheer and utter disappointment? Unless of course you’re rigid plan looks a little something like this:

Let’s take an hour for example. In my own personal experience I have come across an hour which has changed my life, sometimes for the better other times for the worse. I have also come across an hour which has entirely changed my mind and the way I feel. I have come across an hour of unsurpassed pleasure and an hour of unbearable pain. I have come across an hour which has made me gain a friend or lose one. I’ve had an hour which took me from one place to another. I’ve wasted an hour, I have danced and laughed one away as well. Somewhere in there is an hour I can't even remember. All of the events packed into all of those hours make me the individual I am today; all of the hours to come will make me one that’s different in the future.
Of course it’s possible to have a general idea of where you want your life to be twenty-five years from now. But is it actually possible to plan for it and stick to that plan, without missing out on the rest of your life? Time doesn’t stop; because of that it is constantly changing the world around us and our reaction to it. I believe that we are the makers of our destiny. I just don’t know if it’s worth it to relentlessly plan that destiny five years at a time.
Why don’t we want to live in the world we created right now? If we are constantly moving towards the goals we set out for ourselves, is it not important to stop and enjoy them for just a little while?  My point is, live in the future when it arrives! Instead of embracing the next year, embrace the next hour. It can be wasted or it can change your life. Whatever you do, spend it wisely and put more thought into what's right in front of you right now, not something you're not sure you're going to get.

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14 February 2011 in

This Really Wraps Stuff Up...

FEBRUARY 15, 2011

“The American Dream” is something we have been determined to get for a very long time. Some of us have attained it, some of us are almost there, and some of us will never achieve it.
In reality what does this illusive “American Dream” mean?
Beautiful cars, enormous houses, diamonds, Dom PĂ©rignon or more specifically stuff, stuff and more stuff! Now I am all for enjoying the finer things in life. Great food, well-made clothes, a comfortable home, and a reliable car are all things which make life easy and delightful. However, we have lost sight of how to enjoy these things in moderation. We live in a world of “I want it, and I want it right now! Plus I will take 50 of it even though I only need 1 AND I better get a good deal on it!”
We have shifted our thinking from what we NEED to what we WANT. Now, now we didn’t do it all on our own. Big business was right there with us patting us on the back saying – spend, spend, spend!
This trend continues as we are bombarded with stories of countries going bankrupt, oil on its way to extinction, food insecurity in some of the richest nations in the world, unemployment, recession and massive over-consumption – but who am I kidding, in a world of consumerism it’s nothing a little shopping therapy can’t fix. Right?
Enjoy the film.
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07 February 2011 in

Happiness, did you get the friend request?

FEBRUARY 9, 2011
Have you ever noticed that a lot of us just wait to be happy?
Once I get that house, I’ll be happy! Once I get that car, I’ll be happy! Once I get “the one”, I’ll be happy! Once I’m more understanding, I’ll be happy! Once I’m less stubborn, I’ll be happy! Once I get out of here, I’ll be happy! Once I get a new job, I’ll be happy! These phrases are commonplace in our everyday language. There is no doubt that you can come up with your own list of “Once I…I’ll be happy”. 
The problem that emerges from the creation of such a list is constantly waiting to be happy and never actually being happy. It’s like a happiness rat race or a forever pending friend request. What is interesting is the misery people are willing to put themselves through while waiting for their promised land. Life becomes so dramatic. I don’t mean to downplay tough times; I’ve had my share of them. My life hasn’t been easy but it hasn’t been unbearable either. We all have personal tragedies and they can be physically draining, mentally challenging and emotionally treacherous.
What I am proposing is that perspective plays a huge role in our circumstance and our happiness. Dale Carnegie once said, “It isn’t what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy.  It’s what you think about.” In my opinion he nailed it. Our physical circumstance might restrict us in terms of where we live, how much money we make, the possessions we hold and the friends we have. However, our physical condition cannot restrict our mind. Nonetheless we do a good job of that ourselves using misery. If you really think about it, happiness and misery are flip sides of a coin. Why is it that so many of us are willing to walk hand in hand with one while forever waiting for the other?
Now in all fairness, there are those of us who truly enjoy being miserable. It takes a certain kind of person to be happy with misery, but they are out there. You know the best thing about them though? They are not stuck in limbo, waiting! They know that misery makes them happy and they revel in it. As far as I’m concerned they are ahead of those who seem to be running in emotional circles never getting anywhere.
Sometimes, we seem to forget that our minds are very powerful. They can’t accomplish everything but they can definitely accomplish happy thoughts. I’m not saying our psyches have to become “Pleasantville” however it is important to remember that we control our perspective. It is more beneficial to focus on the positive things in your life than the ones which bring you despair.
Let me ask you a question. Is happiness a part of your present or a part of your future? If it’s only a part of your future my second question naturally is what are you waiting for? Oh let me guess you’re waiting for that raise, you’re waiting to pay off your debt, you’re waiting to finish school; basically you’re just waiting. What you’re missing is the fact that you get to wake up every day and experience life. If you have a hard time thinking up something to be happy about at least be happy about that. Happiness is a state of mind which doesn’t require a ten year plan and a carefully crafted path.
If you think everything I've said is complete non-sense and you love the blues, follow this link:

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04 February 2011 in

OH! Where ART Thou...

FEBRUARY 7, 2011

Dear Art,

I must admit I admire you!
You have faithfully stood by me through good times and bad - I can't thank you enough. Remember that time when I was feeling a little blue and you played that amazing song; how about the time you made my imagination run wild with that splendid book; better yet remember when you made me look at something so breathtaking that I had to take a picture. I can't even count how often you've made me pass the time with doodles or writing. You've made me laugh, you've made me cry, and you have inspired me. Most importantly you have touched my heart!
You art, are everywhere! This is my tribute to you and to all the individuals who scream "fuck you" at reality every once in a while and create the most awe-inspiring things. Without you, this world would be so painfully dull.
Forever Grateful,
the outspoken introvert

PS. Don't just sit there, create something! Check this out....c'mon don't be shy.
Why not discover some new tunes while you do it.

02 February 2011 in

Problem solved...I like it!

FEBRUARY 4, 2011

Dear Pessimists,

It's pretty difficult to argue with logic.

Yours Truly,

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Dear Vulnerability: Are You Really Worth It?

FEBRUARY 2, 2011
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