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A dash of change would do us good!

FEBRUARY 26, 2011

I came across a thought-provoking magazine today. Adbusters deals with everything from the environment to politics, mass media, culture and economics. It's worth checking it out HERE.

The below is taken directly from the site:

I for one am a true believer that the world we live in needs change. We are destroying the earth at an unimaginable rate. Technology advancements are making us connect with a computer screen as opposed to each other. The colossal global debt has shifted from the private sector to the public one. The world is over populated, most of it is underfed. The list goes on and on and paints a pretty dreary picture, yet in most developed nations not many seem to care.

What is troubling is not only the complacency of the public but the archaic ideologies which are expected to propose solutions for new age problems. We need a revamping of those ideologies. This is what draws me to this magazine, it is aimed at challenging the status quo with new enthusiasm, vigor and determination. It encourages and thrives on continually asking questions in order to change things for the better. It allows for the activist and the entrepreneur to coexist, instead of pinning them against each other.

I have recently noticed that people shy away from calling themselves activists; as if the word carries negative connotations, yet to be an entrepreneur is desired. This troubles me, and here is why -- Martin Luther King was an activist Conrad Black was an entrepreneur.

Why is it that those who try to make a difference and change the world for the better are seen as these "wacky" activists? Yet those who lie, defraud and steal are patted on the back because they're entrepreneurs. I believe that little market crash which we call "the biggest recession" since the Great Depression was also caused by entrepreneurs who resided on Wall Street. I'm not, by any means saying that all business professionals fit the same mold, there are some fantastic enterprises out there, there is no doubt about that. All I'm saying is that we should consider more carefully who we are critical of.

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