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OH! Where ART Thou...

FEBRUARY 7, 2011

Dear Art,

I must admit I admire you!
You have faithfully stood by me through good times and bad - I can't thank you enough. Remember that time when I was feeling a little blue and you played that amazing song; how about the time you made my imagination run wild with that splendid book; better yet remember when you made me look at something so breathtaking that I had to take a picture. I can't even count how often you've made me pass the time with doodles or writing. You've made me laugh, you've made me cry, and you have inspired me. Most importantly you have touched my heart!
You art, are everywhere! This is my tribute to you and to all the individuals who scream "fuck you" at reality every once in a while and create the most awe-inspiring things. Without you, this world would be so painfully dull.
Forever Grateful,
the outspoken introvert

PS. Don't just sit there, create something! Check this out....c'mon don't be shy.
Why not discover some new tunes while you do it.

10 Comments So Far:

  1. Yes I am a big "fuck u reality" screamer :)

  2. Great Post! And what a fantastic link! I draw (in my downtime) at work, and I love the idea of anonymously sending doodles to fellow artists.

  3. Couldn't agree more! Loving your blog so far, I found it off Joanna's award post. Check out my blog if you want- there's lots of art there! :)


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