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Spoiler Alert: It's Not ALL About You.

FEBRUARY 25, 2011

Do people usually lose interest when you start talking? Do some of them leave the room upon your arrival? Do you typically yell at customer service representatives because you’re the “big all-important customer” who’s always right, and clearly it’s all of them who are idiots? Do you refuse to let people into your lane in hectic traffic because somehow their lane ending is a personal offense against you? Do you refuse to say please and thank you, because it’s actually the world that owes YOU something? Do you take out your shitty day on the customers you are serving because – oh my god, they simply came in for dinner. Jerks! I mean I could go on, but why wait I can just congratulate you right now.

For what? You ask. Oh silly me, the fact that you’re a jerk, I thought that was obvious.
Now, not everyone deserves this prestigious award.  Some of us still fully grasp the idea of kindness, compassion and all around good manners. All hope is not lost. However in a culture of “I” those individuals are dwindling in numbers.  
What is the culture of “I”? It is the notion that the world revolves around you. You are the center of the universe and you deserve the absolute best at all times regardless of the repercussions that has on another individual. It is a culture that champions selfishness, rudeness and aggression as appropriate avenues to achieving ones goals. I agree that we all deserve to be treated well but we are not an island! We need each other! If you don’t believe me try to get a baby to raise itself, not going to happen.
This is where I stand; it is not okay to only think about you. It is not okay to make other people feel like shit to make yourself feel better. It is not okay to yell at someone because they are trying to do their job; conversely it is not okay for you to yell at someone because you’re trying to do yours. It is imperative to say please, thank you and I appreciate you! It is important to help each other out. We should care what others think, not because it should impair us but because it's considerate to factor in their feelings and because it's a checks and balance. Everyone can't run around doing exactly what THEY want, whenever THEY want to. This world would be a disaster (mainly because of the jerks).
I am no Mother Theresa; we all have our moments of weakness. They are a normal part of life but they should not be the norm. So you know what, it’s fairly simple. Don't be a jerk and treat other people with respect, you might actually get exactly what you want.
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  1. Well said. So true that everyone has "moments," but there are those people who seem like their goal in life is to make everyone else miserable. And no, it's not okay. Good post.

  2. So true! Love this post. I'm a customer service rep/receptionist and people do this to me all the time. I have to say though I can sometimes be a jerk driving but that is only because I live in Utah and everyone is STUPID!

  3. WELL SAID!! this is so true! I work with people 24/7 and most treat me like that. ugh! so annoying! Great post!

    xo Fi


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