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30 March 2011 in

Where is your mind?

MARCH 30, 2011

I am a self-admitted sucker for a guy with an acoustic guitar and this cover of the Pixies is awesome!

Listening to  it with the sun peering in my bay window totally rocks my boat! Mainly because it makes me think of summer. I'm picturing a drive through the mountains with the windows down, music blaring, arms out the window feeling the warm breeze. Sigh, I can't wait!

I have learned to appreciate winter because of my recent love for snowboarding, but  I'm a beach baby at heart. When everything is in full bloom and the sun is shining I am at my happiest! If there is a beach around, whether it's an ocean or a lake, doesn't matter, I am in my element!

Where is my mind? Right now, focused on summer days, road trips and easy breezy living! Purposely avoiding any thoughts relating to the stress that's going on all around me.

How about you, where is your mind?

the outspoken introvert

26 March 2011 in

Hold the freakin' phone! What?

MARCH 26, 2011

So! Today is magnificent not only because it’s Saturday, oh no, it’s also magnificent because I can officially shed the shameful name of procrastinator! Totally awesome, I KNOW!
I have to thank Prof. Cyril Northcote Parkinson who in 1955 made an interesting observation in his article printed in The Economist. His observation has been coined Parkinson’s Law, which states that – work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.
What does that mean exactly? Well, in its simplest form it follows the “work smarter, not harder” mentality. Believe me I have become familiar with this rule some time ago. Don’t get me wrong there is merit in hard work, but if you can achieve the same results in less amount of time, it’s a no brainer.
What Parkinson proposed is the more time you allow a task, the more daunting it becomes, and takes up the full amount of time allotted.  In most cases the time needed to complete the task is overestimated. It follows that allowing the “bare minimum” amount of time for the task actually forces the brain to focus on the most important aspects, allowing the job to get done quicker.
Therefore it turns out I’m actually not a procrastinator; I am just the proof to Parkinson’s Law. Meaning, I’m pretty good at assessing the actual amount of time something is going to take based on my aptitude and the quality of work I know I can produce.
For example, early in my academic “career” I started papers about a week before they were due. It didn’t take me long to realize that the bulk of my work was erased and re-written throughout that week. The parts that actually made it through my editing process were the parts written the night before the due date. Naturally I began omitting the week long editing process more frequently and started to write my papers one to two days before they were due.
In all honesty it has not worked every time, that’s because there is a difference between the “bare minimum” amount of time to complete something well and “not enough time” which can result in low quality work. Throughout the years there have been a couple of papers which I could have done better on, if I had an additional few hours; for the most part though, my grades maintained above average, which further reinforced my tactics.
I have to admit it makes me pretty happy to be able to make this distinction, I’m not a procrastinator; I’m efficient! OH YEA, do a little dance!
Thanks Professor Parkinson! Yours is one original thought I definitely find worthwhile.
the outspoken introvert

23 March 2011 in

A smile feels better than a frown

MARCH 23, 2011

I came across this image and on a snowy, dreary day decided to make a list of things that make me happy.

Without further ado here are little things that make me smile:

-Sleeping in
-Being needed
-Breakfast on a Sunday
-Vanilla and chocolate ice cream cones
-Laughing with someone so hard that their laugh becomes funnier than the joke
-Unexpected texts
-Back scratches!
-Staying up so late that you can barely keep your eyes open, but having such a wicked conversation that you can’t imagine closing them
-Knowing that someone is thinking about you because you make a difference in their life
-Wine and girls nights
-Music festivals
-Inside jokes
-The second right after I finish something I've been dreading
-Reading a book that's impossible to put down
-Holding hands
-Going somewhere for the first time and looking at everything with fresh eyes
-Knowing that everything will be just fine
-Hanging out without talking, and not having to explain why
-I suck at snowboarding but I love it because there is something undeniably enchanting about sitting on top of a mountain feeling like nothing else matters
-Camp fires
-People caring enough to make time for me
-Sun, Sun, Sun!
-Knowing that I’m safe because I truly trust someone
-Cheeseburgers with extra pickles
-Not having to ask twice better yet not having to ask at all
-Music that actually makes you feel something, I'm a sucker for the acoustic guitar
-Clean sheet day
-Walks along a lake
-Christmas dinner
-Cracking open a beer on a beach at sunset
-Helping someone out
-Pictures that capture a genuine moment
-Making a good meal and sharing it with others
-Learning something new from someone who I respect enough to actually change my perspective
-Patio summer nights with pints and hot wings

This list is not exhaustive it’s also not written in any particular order. I just wanted to smile and thinking about any of these things does the job :) 

What sorts of things do it for you and make you grin from ear to ear?

the outspoken introvert

20 March 2011 in

Which One Suits You Best?

MARCH 20, 2011

I’m the type of person that usually prefers to know things. I make calculated decisions, at least in some aspects of my life; while others definitely expose my weakness in math and any sort of calculation.
At least that’s how I always thought I was. In the last while I noticed a shift. My decisions are less calculated and my plans vary from loosely woven to, well, non-existent. The time has come to admit that I have been coasting; I have been going with the flow! Instead of trying to know the future I have started imagining it.
This might seem like the same thing on the surface but it’s not. Attempting to know the future means meticulous planning, disappointment when those plans don’t work out and eventual cynicism. Imagining the future is different because it always works out. Imagining the future is hope, daydreams and optimism; at least for me. I noticed that I am happier the less I know. Ignorance is bliss I suppose.
In all honesty though, my mind can only stay in that bubble for a little while, because in the end I love to know things. I love to know how things work, I love to know why they happen, and I would love to know how to solve them. I have to admit knowledge has made me cynical, to a degree, about the world and about people.
Imagination and knowledge have never been friends, mainly because one kills the other. Therefore I’ve asked myself this question many times, is imagination more important than knowledge? I’m still undecided, but I’m leaning towards yes. Realistically would there be any knowledge without imagination? Imagination is what drives ideas; knowledge is what verifies their validity. In my mind if they were both in a car, imagination would be in the driver’s seat, while knowledge would be the back seat driver.
Random thought: would you rather lose all of your old memories, or never be able to make new ones?
the outspoken introvert

12 March 2011 in

Life's simple little lessons.

MARCH 12, 2011

In my quest to figure out this thing called life and try to organize my thoughts, I started to blog. In my search for worthy topics I came across Alex Noriega. I love his stuff!

It's simple, to the point and delivers a message that makes you think! Most importantly it makes you get over yourself. This for me, is an integral part of growing up and generally coping with life, we are the key to our own demise and our success.

I truly love simple things, sometimes I simplify things to a degree that can be hurtful to others however that is never on purpose. It is because I can be so innocently oblivious. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that those who know me well find it infuriating and endearing at the same time. You really can't stay mad at someone who at the time just didn't know any better. Sometimes I am that person, the one that just has to stick their foot in their mouth!

I think we all have our "Oh shit! I didn't know any better" moments. I have an analytical mind which almost always reaches for the solution. I forget that people don't always need a solution, sometimes they just need a friend to lean on. I say almost always because when emotions are involved, that's where things get complicated, my mind goes foggy, I get lost, and a solution - forget it! There is no logic in emotion, emotion is erratic, irrational and from my experience it is impossible to analyze! You can spend days trying to analyze things in your head, with no change in how you actually feel about it.

I have been described by some as the simplest most complicated person they've ever met. I can't say I disagree with that statement. Getting to know me is not the easiest task one can take on! I have to be allowed to do it on my terms, at least to some degree. I don't trust easily, and I am terrified of getting hurt. I can be stubborn, emotionally unattached, and sometimes annoyingly dominating.

Those who are patient eventually see something different. I am honest. I am blindly loyal. I am generous with my time and my possessions. I would do almost anything to lift the spirits of someone dear to me. Most importantly I'm not as strong as I pretend to be.

I am truly grateful for the people in my life who have the patience and the love to deal with me. It's not always easy, but I can only hope that they think it's worth it. 

Now in order to sound profound, I'm going to hand it over to Alex Noriega. Here's some of my favorites because for one, I whole-heartedly agree with them. Two he's made simplistic truths into art and made me laugh. I think that's awesome!

the outspoken introvert

06 March 2011 in

I'm a Pink Floyd Kinda Girl

MARCH 6, 2011

Last night was a fabulous night. It was spent with a best friend, some cigarettes, beer, music and fantastic conversation. You know that night where you just hang out and talk about everything under the sun. A lot of it doesn’t truly matter but at the time it seems like the most important thing. I mean we jumped from talk about self-growth, to relationships, to solving the world’s problems. I will admit that with each additional beer our solutions became less realistic but the laughter grew and that was wonderful!
My favourite part was when we reminisced about all the things we’ve been through and all the things we’ve experienced. I can say with confidence that I have had and still have an eventful life. I am grateful for that, but there are few moments that compare to Coachella 2008.  
Do you have a favourite song? For avid music lovers that’s a tough question to answer. There are so many genres, and out of those genres so many great bands emerge, and from those bands so many enchantingly amazing songs are created.  I love music! Since I was fourteen years old I’ve never had a problem answering, the sometimes dreaded, favourite song inquiry. My absolute, all-time favourite song ever recorded, without a doubt is “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd.
In 2008 I got to see Roger Waters (an original member) perform it live in the middle of a grassy field in California surrounded by palm trees, a warm breeze, and my best friends. Thinking back to that moment ALWAYS puts a smile on my face and it ALWAYS gives me goose bumps. It was so surreal and made me so blissfully happy.
To listen to seventy thousand people sing the lyrics to a song that’s been around since my parents were teenagers was incredible. As far as concerts go, in my books that one can’t be topped. Kings of Leon came close at the Washington Gorge in 2009, but they couldn’t quite top the legend that’s still got it after so many years.
A while has passed now, and that moment is even more dear to me. It was the last time I got to see a beloved friend who tragically lost her life way before her time!
I loved last night because as “Wish You Were Here” came on and laughter turned into tears we sat there and remembered her. She was an amazing soul and is dearly missed.

the outspoken introvert

05 March 2011 in

Sometimes Life Is a Mouse Trap.

MARCH 5, 2011

I came across this commercial today and I figured I'd post it. In a strange way it made me feel better on a below than average day. It feels appropriate to point out that I don't support animal cruelty.
It is not going to be for everyone. It is going to be for those who know what it's like to go after the things they want whole-heartedly, regardless of the risks. Sometimes to get burnt, fail, and experience a general feeling of helplessness, yet still scrounge up every last bit of strength to come out on top.
If you've never been in that position, you haven't truly experienced life. I believe that bliss is in the journey simply because that's where all the lessons are learnt. Success is just the cherry on top. I have to say I've been that mouse way to many times, I see the trap but it doesn't stop me from reaching for the cheese. It is safe to say that is the cheesiest line I've ever written, but seeing as the video is also about cheese I must say I enjoy the irony.
the outspoken introvert

02 March 2011 in

I'll get around to it; I have lots of time.

MARCH 2, 2011

Dear Self,
Can you please get your shit together, enough is enough. Was it really necessary to put off two papers and studying for a midterm until twenty-four hours before they were do? No probably not! In fact it was the worst idea you had this week! Yet you did it anyway, you even considered repainting the bathroom in those looming twenty-four hours, I mean really, that’s just ridiculous. Thank god your roommate was home to snap you back into reality and make you realize how incredibly silly the notion was.
It has to be handed to you though, if there is something you’re good at, its procrastination. Seriously, if you got paid for this fantastic skill you would be doing quite well for yourself. In all fairness it is very rare that you actually miss a deadline but you come close, well pretty much every time!
Why do you put yourself through this? Is it the pressure of it all that secretly excites you? Is it your love of constantly pushing the boundaries? Or is it pure laziness? Whatever the reason it would be really appreciated if you could get a little more organized! Start, at least, some of the tasks you have to accomplish a bit earlier. It doesn’t have to happen all at once, baby steps are ok; you never dealt with radical change well.
Maybe pick up a day planner, a real one, where you have to write things down, make a list. You do have a task manager on your Blackberry but let’s be honest, the seldom gesture of picking up that device opens up the door to so many distractions.
A smart phone is a procrastinator’s best friend! If you’re not bbming with someone you’re constantly checking if they’ve read your message. The infamous battle between the D for delivered and the R for received. Now if the message has been marked R – received, but not responded to the natural progression of thought leads to “why didn’t they respond, have I honestly just been a victim of received, read and rejected?” This usually leads you to log into Facebook or Stumble Upon, just to see what’s going on.
In its simplest form, you get easily distracted and you need to just stop it. For crying out loud, focus woman!  In all honesty painting the bathroom can wait. So can vacuuming, dusting, texting, phone calls, visits with friends, and especially Facebooking and Stumbling. You are an adult and it’s time to give your head a shake.
the frustrated, more responsible part of you.

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