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I'll get around to it; I have lots of time.

MARCH 2, 2011

Dear Self,
Can you please get your shit together, enough is enough. Was it really necessary to put off two papers and studying for a midterm until twenty-four hours before they were do? No probably not! In fact it was the worst idea you had this week! Yet you did it anyway, you even considered repainting the bathroom in those looming twenty-four hours, I mean really, that’s just ridiculous. Thank god your roommate was home to snap you back into reality and make you realize how incredibly silly the notion was.
It has to be handed to you though, if there is something you’re good at, its procrastination. Seriously, if you got paid for this fantastic skill you would be doing quite well for yourself. In all fairness it is very rare that you actually miss a deadline but you come close, well pretty much every time!
Why do you put yourself through this? Is it the pressure of it all that secretly excites you? Is it your love of constantly pushing the boundaries? Or is it pure laziness? Whatever the reason it would be really appreciated if you could get a little more organized! Start, at least, some of the tasks you have to accomplish a bit earlier. It doesn’t have to happen all at once, baby steps are ok; you never dealt with radical change well.
Maybe pick up a day planner, a real one, where you have to write things down, make a list. You do have a task manager on your Blackberry but let’s be honest, the seldom gesture of picking up that device opens up the door to so many distractions.
A smart phone is a procrastinator’s best friend! If you’re not bbming with someone you’re constantly checking if they’ve read your message. The infamous battle between the D for delivered and the R for received. Now if the message has been marked R – received, but not responded to the natural progression of thought leads to “why didn’t they respond, have I honestly just been a victim of received, read and rejected?” This usually leads you to log into Facebook or Stumble Upon, just to see what’s going on.
In its simplest form, you get easily distracted and you need to just stop it. For crying out loud, focus woman!  In all honesty painting the bathroom can wait. So can vacuuming, dusting, texting, phone calls, visits with friends, and especially Facebooking and Stumbling. You are an adult and it’s time to give your head a shake.
the frustrated, more responsible part of you.

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  1. This flow chart is hysterical! Good luck getting organized, I know how you feel.

  2. Love the flow chart as well...lol I am the same exact way. It's ridiculous. Pretty sure I will milk as much time as possible and find anything I can do to avoid what I know most definitely needs to be done... only to be frustrated with myself later on because I ran out of time or because I was rushing and the task did not get done as good as it could have been. "WHY?" I ask myself. I still haven't figured it out... as right now I should be working on a design project and yet I am commenting on your blog :) hehehe

  3. That flow chart is pretty much my life hahaha.


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