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I'm a Pink Floyd Kinda Girl

MARCH 6, 2011

Last night was a fabulous night. It was spent with a best friend, some cigarettes, beer, music and fantastic conversation. You know that night where you just hang out and talk about everything under the sun. A lot of it doesn’t truly matter but at the time it seems like the most important thing. I mean we jumped from talk about self-growth, to relationships, to solving the world’s problems. I will admit that with each additional beer our solutions became less realistic but the laughter grew and that was wonderful!
My favourite part was when we reminisced about all the things we’ve been through and all the things we’ve experienced. I can say with confidence that I have had and still have an eventful life. I am grateful for that, but there are few moments that compare to Coachella 2008.  
Do you have a favourite song? For avid music lovers that’s a tough question to answer. There are so many genres, and out of those genres so many great bands emerge, and from those bands so many enchantingly amazing songs are created.  I love music! Since I was fourteen years old I’ve never had a problem answering, the sometimes dreaded, favourite song inquiry. My absolute, all-time favourite song ever recorded, without a doubt is “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd.
In 2008 I got to see Roger Waters (an original member) perform it live in the middle of a grassy field in California surrounded by palm trees, a warm breeze, and my best friends. Thinking back to that moment ALWAYS puts a smile on my face and it ALWAYS gives me goose bumps. It was so surreal and made me so blissfully happy.
To listen to seventy thousand people sing the lyrics to a song that’s been around since my parents were teenagers was incredible. As far as concerts go, in my books that one can’t be topped. Kings of Leon came close at the Washington Gorge in 2009, but they couldn’t quite top the legend that’s still got it after so many years.
A while has passed now, and that moment is even more dear to me. It was the last time I got to see a beloved friend who tragically lost her life way before her time!
I loved last night because as “Wish You Were Here” came on and laughter turned into tears we sat there and remembered her. She was an amazing soul and is dearly missed.

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  1. I never used to listen to Pink Floyd growing up (I thought it was a girl's name... lol), but when I started college as an art major a bunch of kids in class would play it during our 3 hour drawing sessions. I later came across "The Wall" and thought it was the coolest, trippiest, most thought provoking film I had ever seen. That was also when I fell in love with "Learning to Fly" which is my all time favorite. Wish you were here is amazing as well... and to be honest I don't think there is anything better than an evening with beer, cigarettes, good friends, and good conversation. The best nights of my life have included that combination :)

  2. Hahaha isn't that the truth! I have to admit, I haven't seen The Wall....YET, there is a reason for it which for now, I will keep to myself :)


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