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A smile feels better than a frown

MARCH 23, 2011

I came across this image and on a snowy, dreary day decided to make a list of things that make me happy.

Without further ado here are little things that make me smile:

-Sleeping in
-Being needed
-Breakfast on a Sunday
-Vanilla and chocolate ice cream cones
-Laughing with someone so hard that their laugh becomes funnier than the joke
-Unexpected texts
-Back scratches!
-Staying up so late that you can barely keep your eyes open, but having such a wicked conversation that you can’t imagine closing them
-Knowing that someone is thinking about you because you make a difference in their life
-Wine and girls nights
-Music festivals
-Inside jokes
-The second right after I finish something I've been dreading
-Reading a book that's impossible to put down
-Holding hands
-Going somewhere for the first time and looking at everything with fresh eyes
-Knowing that everything will be just fine
-Hanging out without talking, and not having to explain why
-I suck at snowboarding but I love it because there is something undeniably enchanting about sitting on top of a mountain feeling like nothing else matters
-Camp fires
-People caring enough to make time for me
-Sun, Sun, Sun!
-Knowing that I’m safe because I truly trust someone
-Cheeseburgers with extra pickles
-Not having to ask twice better yet not having to ask at all
-Music that actually makes you feel something, I'm a sucker for the acoustic guitar
-Clean sheet day
-Walks along a lake
-Christmas dinner
-Cracking open a beer on a beach at sunset
-Helping someone out
-Pictures that capture a genuine moment
-Making a good meal and sharing it with others
-Learning something new from someone who I respect enough to actually change my perspective
-Patio summer nights with pints and hot wings

This list is not exhaustive it’s also not written in any particular order. I just wanted to smile and thinking about any of these things does the job :) 

What sorts of things do it for you and make you grin from ear to ear?

the outspoken introvert

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  1. I love this list, especially the ones about laughing, back scratches, and staying up late!

  2. Your list is awesome. You sound like a happy and fortunate person to have these things in your live, and better yet, you are smart enough to cherish them. My list would also include:
    -Kung Fu movies
    -Fainting goats
    -When you laugh so hard that you pee a little, but just so little that nobody can tell
    -When friends or family tells you that they love you
    -When it is super cold out, but because you are dressed appropriately you are still warm
    -Daydreaming about Neverland
    -Baking chocolate cake but then the mix is so good that you end up eating it all
    -Looking into a bonfire while someone is playing the guitar

  3. I could practically cut and paste this list and own it! Honest.
    I could add only a few:
    + A night swim on the beach with all the stars in the sky.
    + An unexpected candle light dinner given by a loved one.
    + Snuggling on a cold, or rainy day.
    + Christmas morning smiles.
    + A person you hardly remember comes up to you from nowhere to thank you for something you have done you have completely forgotten about.

  4. Great list! LOVE back scratches. I like when people play with my hair. Feels so good! Also puppies, kittens, babies, sunshine, and-even though I'm SO sick of winter-ice and snow clinging to trees makes them look so pretty I just have to smile. And hugs. I love hugs.

  5. That photo is really cute! Good find :) pints, hot wings, campfires, and acoustic guitars make me happy too! Along with pretty much the rest of your fun list!

  6. Thanks guys! I'm glad you like it. It's nice to see people appreciate the simple things in life as much as I do :)

  7. What a lovely idea in that picture :D I'm tempted to print something like this out and just leave it around.


  8. That crossed my mind, it's a great idea :) I feel people need to smile more often. You can't take life TOO seriously.

  9. that is the best picture...I might be saving it in my inspiration folder for later:) And I can pretty much put a check next to everything that makes you happy - especially clean sheet day, inside jokes, and wine and girls night. The best.

    ps - thanks for visiting my blog and leading me to yours! It's a great little place!

  10. Awww thank you, save away. I love that image! Thanks for stopping by :)


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