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Wednesday with words...

APRIL 27, 2011

I've noticed on many blogs today is Wordless Wednesday. Well I decided to go against the grain and have a Wednesday that celebrates words, because, well I love them!

I think celebrating words is important, they are the key ingredient in our ability to communicate with one another. Having lived through the beginning of what is now commonly known as the social media phenomenon I have noticed the development of a new language. I'm going to call it SMS - Social Media Speak. I guarantee that you have not only seen but used it yourself. I sure have! Here's some examples:

1. LOL 
2. BTW
3. WTF
4. OMG

For those more advanced in SMS there is also:

3. IDK
4. WRUD?

Not only are we beginning to comprise a language made out of acronyms, some pretty common words are starting to look a bit different than how I remember them.

1. U - you
2. UR - you're, your 
3. DUN - done
4. CUD - could

I'm fully aware that a lot of this evolution has come with the all mighty text message paired with our need to make everything more efficient. The faster you can type it the better, right? I've been guilty of SMSing when I'm in a rush but I prefer things to be described in words, not letters. Call me old fashioned but you're not going to catch me throwing a WUD out there. I bet the O and the L feel really left out when completely dropped, it WOULD be nice to include them, just saying. 

I came across a site the other day and I got quite a kick out of it. Check out Save The Words it's fairly easy to navigate and definitely celebrates all sorts of words, you can even adopt one! Pretty fantastically spectacular, I know.

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11 Comments So Far:

  1. I want to adopt a word, how cute of an idea!

  2. I want to adopt a word too! It's absolutely ridiculous how out of hand this SMS has happened too.

  3. I use an "lol" or "omg" every so often while texting, but I really couldn't take myself seriously if my messages started to look like "Omg i g2g 2 da store. wut do u wnt me 2 pck up? txt me bck k? thx" NO! And it really pained me trying to even figure out how to write that. Haha. Please, people...use words. You sound much more intelligent that way.

  4. Oh! Don't get me started on this whole SMS malarkey! I find it extremely annoying. It has slowly crept into everyday usage so it's now acceptable. A friend of mine who is a teacher complained that some of her pupils write their essays like that. Fancy that!

    It's a lazy way of spelling and affords people who couldn't spell an easy way out. I must admit I do not have much respect for people who tend to write this way.

  5. Thanks for your comments guys, adopt away! Save the words.

    @ Joanna, your comment literally made me laugh out loud!

  6. I went to save the words, and while the website was loading, I stepped out of the room for a minute. Then I heard my computer calling "hello? hello?" and was seriously freaked until I realized it was the words calling to me! LOL!! Coolest website ever - thanks for sharing it.

  7. Ixy that just might be the funniest thing that's happened involving my blog. Thanks for the comment! It made my day hahaha.


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