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I wIsH wE aLl HaD a LiTtLe CrAzY iN uS

MAY 24, 2011

I LOVE THIS! It's from an ad campaign ran by Apple quite some time ago. Nonetheless the years have not deteriorated it's meaning. Although I'm not entirely crazy about the world of marketing and advertising, I can get behind the main point of this message - think different, push forward, question and be proud of it! I believe this kind of mentality should be implemented in our daily lives. It promotes imagination which for so many is lost once they enter the boxed in world of their adult lives. 

As I've gotten older I've realized that everything we know is an opinion, the best available explanation at the time; this to me is pretty self-explanatory. However if you're not picking up what I'm putting down, consider this: once upon a time the Earth was flat, that was truth, that was knowledge. Those who proclaimed it's roundness were not only considered lunatics but were jailed and probably killed. Oh how far we've come since then, nowadays not only is our planet round it's surrounded by a universe in which super-genius humans (unlike myself) can find black holes. HA! Talk about crazy, that's imagination, that's progress.

What confuses me is our strong grip on things that are broken, like the status quo for one. To me the notion itself is a joke. It proposes that we should not only hold onto, but fight for the things of the past even if they are oppressive. Now I am NOT against tradition or culture, both are key elements in our existence and provide a rough guideline to the order of things. Of course we can't forget where we came from, this is why it is important to understand and learn from history, not continuously re-live it. Yes, history repeats itself but only because we let it. 


Some things need to go. For example, I have a problem with the good ol' boys club creating and implementing abortion policy and how it should operate. Yes a bunch of men in their 70's are just perfect for that job, I'm sure they are experts on the entire process especially being able to experience it for themselves and all. Or the notion that gay marriage is ruining the institution. Give me a break, the institution of marriage was weakened by the 50% divorce rate, not to mention it's appearance on reality tv. I didn't see protesters taking to the streets when "Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire" aired. However take two people who are in love and want to express it in front of their family and friends and yup, you got it, institution of marriage naturally ruined. Or better yet, how about a heroin addict getting not only clean but free needles at a safe injection clinic but a diabetic having to pay for theirs. Yup, that's a little messed up. This kind of list of course can go on and on.

However I digress.

All I'm saying is that maybe we need to get a little better at editing the systems which are broken, holding onto and encouraging those which are working and letting go of the ones which are not; all the while staying open to new opportunities and alternatives. Everything we are told is not always right and it's not always how things ought to be. We should question, explore and imagine otherwise we're just living in a carefully crafted little box. I for one am a tad bit, and by tad bit I mean extremely, claustrophobic so that box is just not gonna work for me. 

How about you? What sort of things drive you to be imaginatively crazy and push the envelope? What would you change if the sky was the limit and failure was non-existent?

the outspoken introvert

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  1. I think if we all respected kids more and spent time with them,and society valued their voices more, we could learn alot. They hold the key to the absolute truth of living, and living free. Maybe we need to demolish the idea that when we become adults and that we must behave better, we are only behaving worse and have to adhere to tougher unrealistic rules. We lose that true essence of living,only for what? I think just to make money spin the world like a vlt machine...really it all boils down to money in the end. We lose our imagination for the mere value of money. Tisk tisk. War,religion,medical,education,politics= its all money! But if there was no money to worship we would just be making cooler dress-up costumes and building more sturdy forts and tree-houses, we'd trade things for an even bargain and we would find a way to make everything have a fitting place, with out discrimination. And with that I think we'd have no marital drama because we would never need to be married! We'd fall in and out of love naturally, with no rules or false notions of what "relationships" should "be" like or the rules we must follow in order to sustain them...we just live one day at a time, and deal with it as we go, in real time. Not some group of white old stankass mens time.
    That's my two cents...I mean my two crayons (because they are cooler then cents)
    Who's crazy? Ya, me :) I'm insane...because I'm in the sane. Lol woh I gotta go now, I dunno if that made sense but I get what your putting down young lady. Keep up your crazy work...its bound to make a difference

  2. Thanks for your comment, all I can hope for is that my writing provokes thought and encourages some kind of conversation. I definitely appreciate your input.

    I dig your thoughts on money, however that's another post all together ahahaha. I also agree with the rules surrounding relationships, are all of them really necessary? A first date nowadays, with all of it's "do's" and "don'ts", seems like an interview more so than two people just having fun.

    Thanks for your two crayons! I enjoyed reading them.



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