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Note to Self

MAY 25, 2010

Dear Self,

I was thinking that since this whole life thing is getting a little bit more settled you should stir things up a bit. Nothing extravagant, just something to keep you occupied in your spare time. 
In the next little while let's be better. 
I've complied an itsy bitsy list to get you started:

1. You don't know how to bake, this is something I think you should attempt. Realistically, nothing of the  negative sort can come from a batch of homemade cookies.
2. You love to read remember! Please do it more often. I'm not talking daily internet reading. I'm talking about an amazing book, a couch, a blanket and a cup of tea. The real deal.
3. I know you weren't thrilled with hot yoga, but give the regular kind another try. It will get you moving and make you feel better. Side note: one class does not count as a try, please commit at least a month. 

I know you're not to keen on to many rigid rules so I kept the list short and sweet, for now. If you could put the above into practice I will be eternally grateful. Cheersies, life is good.

the stable and relaxed part of you 

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  1. Good for you! I shall forward this to myself now. ;-)

  2. That is such a great list and I should remember a few of those points myself. Kisses, sweetie

  3. Thank you :) now to actually implement it...that remains to be seen.

  4. i enthusiastically endorse hot yoga! yes, it's a little hard at first, but when you get into a rhythm, it can feel soooo good.

  5. hehe this post is great :) i tried hot yoga once too.. i wanted to cry it was so hard. there was a football player guy in my class and he was like "this is worse than football practice." regular yoga is much nicer :)

  6. I am loving this post! I seriously have the same messages to send. Specially that yoga one. hehe I had been doing yoga daily and then, when it got harder I sortta quit. Have to give it a chance again!

    Tell your "self" that I think it can totally do all these :)


    PS: thanks for commenting on my blog dear!

  7. Being better has been on my to do list too! I'm trying to start a little baking too, Its so fun and very relaxing. At least to me! I hope you're having a great weekend!

  8. First, happy sunday! I am visiting from FTLOBs comment love. New follower because you my friend are too funny. I am sure your rational self talked with my rational self and are on the same page. lol!

  9. Thank you all for stopping by and for the encouragement :)

  10. I just did a similar list not to long ago. I have set out my months goals on my desk for a daily reminder

  11. oh boy ive been having the same thoughts lately... i'm such a lazy POS sometimes. and i'm so tired of complaining about things when i already know how to solve them. great message- BE BETTER! :)

  12. Ah well thanks y'all....so far no yoga or reading but I did make cheesecake :)


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