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16 June 2011 in

What's Your Personality Like...

JUNE 16, 2011

My diagnosis:

"Quiet and very self-assured, you tend to keep your own council. Pragmatic and practical to a fault, you are not one to worry about the finer points of philosophical discourse. In fact, because you are very much an individualist, you often find yourself at odds with the established truth or the wishes of the majority. You will often earn the wrath of an employer by taking upon yourself decisions which are rightly those of your manager. You are not one to take credit unless it is deserved. Similarly, however you will also not happily give credit where it is not due. In a romantic relationship you can be very frustrating. While you do care deeply and sincerely, and are willing to work at a relationship, your confidence in your own abilities can on occasion make it difficult to see the world from a partner’s point of view. Quiet and stoic at times, you can drive a more emotional individual completely up the wall. You can become overstressed and fatigued without knowing it. Taking time to rest between bouts of hard work can help to prevent a breakdown later on."

I'm a sucker for personality tests, I especially get enjoyment out of them when they are accurate. Sometimes I discover things I didn't realize about myself other times things which I should maybe change or work on. I came across an interesting one the other day, check it out HERE. I was surprised with it's accuracy, especially because of the format. This test is based on feeling more so then the typical "strongly agree or strongly disagree" profile. I'd say my results are pretty bang on, minus maybe the "quiet" part, vocally I'm actually pretty loud. Try to get me to talk when I'm upset about something or about feelings and well, let's just say the test results are not to far off with the "quiet" then.

Check it out, it only takes a few minutes! I would like to know your results if you want to share.

the outspoken introvert

13 June 2011 in ,

It Matters Monday

JUNE 13, 2011

This week's It Matters Monday is dedicated to a very good friend of mine! She's an artist and she's amazing at it. I want to help her get the word out, the more exposure the better, right?!...So here goes; I would love 2 introduce you to Amanda Edwards and her wonderful paintings.

Amanda is one of the most wonderful people I know. Her beautiful and funky art matches her quirky and fun personality. She's kind, patient, loving and so adorable! This lovely lady and what she does definitely make the world better and prettier. I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do. Without further ado, Amanda's Art:

If you want to be a part of It Matters Monday copy and paste the image from the top of the post. Mention It Matters Monday on your blog and link up below. If you're not a blogger, don't fret let me know what made your Monday awesome in the comments below.


the outspoken introvert

11 June 2011 in

Ideas Worth Spreading

JUNE 11, 2011

Cameron Herold is an entrepreneur at heart, his passion for business started at a very young age as he describes in his TED Talk. He urges parents and teachers to not only recognize but be supportive of entrepreneurial traits in kids. I agree with him, not every child fits the mold of the current curriculum. An example of that is an undergraduate degree in business, I always got a kick out of business classes geared towards getting a good job and working for companies instead of teaching how to create them. Seems a bit counter-productive, but that's just me.

This guy is worth listening to because in the last 20 years he's built up quite an impressive resume. Throughout his career he has coached entrepreneurs on five continents. He started BackPocket COO to help mentor young companies in order to help them achieve success. Ever heard of 1-800-GOT-JUNK? For seven years Cameron Herold was the Chief Operating Officer a driving force behind the concept which has resulted in one of the most successful ventures of the last decade. Herold's list of credentials goes on, I'll let him speak for himself. The above TED Talk is definitely worth your time.

If you're ever bored or feeling uninspired check out TED: Ideas Worth Spreading. I love it! This is taken directly from the site "We believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world. So we're building here a clearinghouse that offers free knowledge and inspiration from the world's most inspired thinkers, and also a community of curious souls to engage with ideas and each other."

the outspoken introvert

10 June 2011 in

Say WHAT?! I'm stylish...

JUNE 10, 2011

Thanks to Mollie from OK in the UK for this award! Her blog is hilarious and you should definitely check it out. It has made me laugh out loud or LOL on more than one occasion. I love her quirky and sarcastic writing style, most certainly a great read. 

OK, here goes 7 things about me:

1. I was born in Poland and moved to Canada when I was 12. Living in these two very different environments  has shaped my world perspective. Some like to call it the Pinko perspective, yea you know who you are. For the record Communism looks good on paper, in practice...MASSIVE FAIL! Therefore I support aspects of the Capitalist system, but with a strong stance on social welfare. Ah politics, I love it!  

(Pinko is a term for a person regarded as sympathetic to communism, though not necessarily a Communist Party member. The term has its origins in the notion that pink is a lighter shade of red, the color associated with communism; thus pink could be thought of as a "lighter form of communism" promoted by supporters of socialism who were not, themselves, "card-carrying" communists.) - Wikipedia

2. As time passes I realize that I want to be a writer, I love to write. I don't know if my skin is thick enough to handle the "constructive criticism" which comes with that territory though. This is part of the reason I started blogging, to test the waters, get feedback and toughen up!

3. It's my little sister's birthday today, I love her to bits and wish her the best day ever. She's also getting married in July, and I've been advised that the bridesmaid dresses arrived today. They are lovely and I really hope I still fit into mine. Yikes!

4. I'm a Scorpio. Make of that what you will.

5. I love music festivals, they are always a good time! You really can't go wrong with sunshine, music and a couple of brewskies. Unless of course it rains.

6. I wear my emotions on my sleeve, I might not want to talk about them but my eyes give everything away! This is very inconvenient for my "somewhat" secretive nature.

7. I'm trying to work the phrase "let's boogie" into my vocabulary, replacing such common phrases as "let's do it" or "let's go" - stirs things up a bit you know.

Well there ya have it! Since I just divulged my secrets I'm going to opt out from the last part of the rules which is to name 7 other bloggers. Those I would recognize get props from me on a regular basis through comments and such. I really appreciate the award but I was never good at following rules.

Have a wonderful weekend. Cheers.

the outspoken introvert

09 June 2011 in

How Important Is A Plan?

JUNE 9, 2011

My dad has a nickname for me, it's zig zag. Him and I don't agree on much but I have to give him that one. To the outside world my decisions seem random, hasty and not very well thought through. Things are not always what they seem though.

I used to have a plan, I had a well paying job, a cushy bank account and all the perks that went with it. However, as many of us know life has this funny way of, well, changing! I'm basically starting over now; I have moved back to my home town and am changing career paths entirely, which is a little terrifying but mostly exciting. Oh and that super fantastic plan I had seems utterly useless as it currently stands.

In the last couple of years unexpected things have happened, the economy tanking being one of them. I was forced to not only adjust but abandon my plan. I honestly couldn't be more grateful for that life lesson, although it was not an easy one. It taught me humility. It taught me that you can't always get your way. It taught me the limits of my capabilities. It taught me failure. It taught me to ask for help. Most importantly it taught me that the only plan worth having is learning how to dance in the rain.

Life will throw unexpected things your way pretty much all the time! Things which are not part of a plan. I have learned to consider all available options and make decisions at the time they need to be made not months ahead of schedule. I also don't discuss much of what I am considering because other people's perspective is not always beneficial and not always in your best interest. It's simply their interpretation of your situation. There are few people who know your situation as well as you do. So I'm here to set the record straight, my actions only SEEM random, hasty and not very well thought through. This is because I keep some things to myself and not having a rigid plan allows me to be flexible and adaptable, I don't necessarily see this as a negative.

I mean really, does anything in life work out exactly as you planned it?

the outspoken introvert

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