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How Important Is A Plan?

JUNE 9, 2011

My dad has a nickname for me, it's zig zag. Him and I don't agree on much but I have to give him that one. To the outside world my decisions seem random, hasty and not very well thought through. Things are not always what they seem though.

I used to have a plan, I had a well paying job, a cushy bank account and all the perks that went with it. However, as many of us know life has this funny way of, well, changing! I'm basically starting over now; I have moved back to my home town and am changing career paths entirely, which is a little terrifying but mostly exciting. Oh and that super fantastic plan I had seems utterly useless as it currently stands.

In the last couple of years unexpected things have happened, the economy tanking being one of them. I was forced to not only adjust but abandon my plan. I honestly couldn't be more grateful for that life lesson, although it was not an easy one. It taught me humility. It taught me that you can't always get your way. It taught me the limits of my capabilities. It taught me failure. It taught me to ask for help. Most importantly it taught me that the only plan worth having is learning how to dance in the rain.

Life will throw unexpected things your way pretty much all the time! Things which are not part of a plan. I have learned to consider all available options and make decisions at the time they need to be made not months ahead of schedule. I also don't discuss much of what I am considering because other people's perspective is not always beneficial and not always in your best interest. It's simply their interpretation of your situation. There are few people who know your situation as well as you do. So I'm here to set the record straight, my actions only SEEM random, hasty and not very well thought through. This is because I keep some things to myself and not having a rigid plan allows me to be flexible and adaptable, I don't necessarily see this as a negative.

I mean really, does anything in life work out exactly as you planned it?

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  1. I can answer that question honestly: HELL NO. I planned to be a better version of me now when I was younger. That obviously didn't happen. I only have one country stamped on my passport, not 20+. If life's been throwing me curve balls, then I've got some really broken sneakers (obscure baseball reference).

    By the by, I have a little something for you on the Friday, June 10th post. A little something I like to call blog herpes.

  2. I had a plan for the year, then Panda hit. My plan now is totally different, and too dependent on one site for income, so I'm constantly changing that plan. I've read that a good plan is always flexible to take possible detours into account. I have a goal, but now I'm reformulating my plan. It happens.

  3. When I make plans I never follow through. So I make wishes and then I do my best to make them come true. That works better for me because it seems there is less preasure and more free will.
    I really like your blog. Somehow your posts come in a right moment for me. I still need to learn to ask for help. This year a friend came through for me and helped me, and she did it on her own. I really needed help but I just couldn't ask. Still can't ask and that's a problem. I'm hurting myself and also keep people away by acting this way. If I am the one helping-great, but if I need to ask and receive help-very difficult for me.

  4. well said. I never had a plan laid out for myself for some reason. I feel like my life just comes to me and I learn and readjust as I go along. What you said is important though - things change and it's how you respond to that change that is most valuable. It sounds like you've got your head in the right place and as long as you continue to do so, sky's the limit!

  5. well put, plans never go well when you try to force them and are unwilling to adapt. Life is unexpected... if we could plan it; we could never enjoy it.

    New follower via the hop :) Nice to meet you!!

  6. Never, ever, ever does life work out as you plan it. But, that's part of the fun, right? Even though a lot of the changes suck, they usually work towards the better in the end :D

  7. AGREED!!! There are so many things out of our control that trying to be control all the time is just silly. Great post girl!
    p.s. Stopping by from FTLOB!


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