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What's Your Personality Like...

JUNE 16, 2011

My diagnosis:

"Quiet and very self-assured, you tend to keep your own council. Pragmatic and practical to a fault, you are not one to worry about the finer points of philosophical discourse. In fact, because you are very much an individualist, you often find yourself at odds with the established truth or the wishes of the majority. You will often earn the wrath of an employer by taking upon yourself decisions which are rightly those of your manager. You are not one to take credit unless it is deserved. Similarly, however you will also not happily give credit where it is not due. In a romantic relationship you can be very frustrating. While you do care deeply and sincerely, and are willing to work at a relationship, your confidence in your own abilities can on occasion make it difficult to see the world from a partner’s point of view. Quiet and stoic at times, you can drive a more emotional individual completely up the wall. You can become overstressed and fatigued without knowing it. Taking time to rest between bouts of hard work can help to prevent a breakdown later on."

I'm a sucker for personality tests, I especially get enjoyment out of them when they are accurate. Sometimes I discover things I didn't realize about myself other times things which I should maybe change or work on. I came across an interesting one the other day, check it out HERE. I was surprised with it's accuracy, especially because of the format. This test is based on feeling more so then the typical "strongly agree or strongly disagree" profile. I'd say my results are pretty bang on, minus maybe the "quiet" part, vocally I'm actually pretty loud. Try to get me to talk when I'm upset about something or about feelings and well, let's just say the test results are not to far off with the "quiet" then.

Check it out, it only takes a few minutes! I would like to know your results if you want to share.

the outspoken introvert

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  1. I 'lol'ed at the photo at the top. It was too perfect!

  2. umm... that was a weird test! half the time i didn't know how to answer and spent my time trying to analyze the pictures so they made some sort of sense. maybe that says something about my personality. but i'm not sure i agree with the ultimate dignosis... weird.
    thanks for sharing though. it's always interesting to look at those kinds of things.


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