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AUGUST 3, 2011

My little sister got married recently. The day was filled with love and laughter. It was full of style, sunshine, happy tears and since it was a Polish wedding there was no shortage of booze.  This particular day not only pulled at my heart strings but got me thinking. Leave it to a wedding hey! To bring forth ideas which you are more than happy to leave in the back of your mind on most other occasions. What follows is a random gathering of those ideas, not listed in any particular order.

It is almost impossible to achieve happiness through perfection.
Although I realize this I am still guilty of shooting for "perfect" from time to time. I have gotten better with age because I realize that perfection is boring, perfection is stressful, and perfection never turns out as good as I'd hoped. Happiness is found in those unexpected, unplanned breathtaking moments when you can really let go. Trying to hold on and control everything, all the time, is exhausting. Plus when you're that wound up how can you pay attention to the amazing things which are right in front of you? As far as I'm concerned you can't, most of us are not that great at multitasking. I said it is ALMOST impossible to achieve happiness through perfection because some people seem to pull it off. In my opinion they fit into two categories, liars and robots.

"Why?" Has super awesomely magical powers.  
I have preached questioning the things that surround us many times. I believe it is an integral part of our development. I believe it is equally important to question ourselves, question our actions. This is where the magical power of the "why?" resides. Asking why we're doing something leads to a better understanding of our behavior and what motivates us to action. On the flip side of that coin rests "why not?" another important question one has to ask. Trust me when I say that everybody is their own worst critic and harshest judge. This kind of self-questioning makes us assess our behavior based on advantageous and disadvantageous actions and simply put might prevent us from doing something utterly stupid. This of course is not full proof. 

Happiness is not for the weak! Do you have the balls to do it?
Everyone strives to be happy, but it has been my observation that not everyone can handle it. This is because there is HUGE risk in happiness. In order to be happy you have to venture into the unknown. You have to take chances on things which could potentially hurt you, or another person. This kind of thought process creates fear and self-doubt. We let that fear stifle our potential for happiness. We let it keep us in a little box because that appears to be more comfortable.

It takes balls to go after the things that make you happy. We have a tendency to live our lives in the future. Wrecking possibilities before they have even had a chance to arrive. This especially applies to marriage. People are either willing to take a chance on it or they are petrified of it. Those who are scared justify their fear with the possibility of an eventual break up. What we forget is that you can't live a lifetime in a day. However if what you're doing makes you happy today and it makes you look forward to tomorrow then keep doing what you're doing. Because today, leads to tomorrow, which leads to a week and a month and that's how you eventually create a lifetime. 

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