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Well, why not?

AUGUST 8, 2011
Anyone who knows me, knows that I don't deal with awkward well. As soon as a situation heads in that direction I bail. This might be part of the reason why dating has not really been my thing. I'm not talking about the first stages of dating which are awesome; looking forward to a text, the kiss, the butterflies, the laughs and the late night conversations. I'm talking about the awkward parts of dating, no chemistry, terrible jokes, unwanted personal questions, or even worse awkward silence. 

These parts pretty much come with instructional videos nowadays. Every news stand has at least one magazine bursting with tips on the do's and don'ts. There have been countless books written on the subject. I mean clearly in order to be able to date successfully one must be educated in this tough to crack social interaction. It seems that saying or doing one little thing wrong leads to complete disaster. Oh and if you wear the wrong outfit you might as well have stayed at home. If your shirt is cut to low you're slutty but if it's not low enough you're a prude. So pick up a Cosmopolitan and some measuring tape to really nail that perfect cleavage. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't show up to a first date in my pajamas. Looking good and put together nicely is important, because it makes you feel more confident; but I wouldn't spend hours in front of the mirror. Even writing about it is exhausting, but that's just me and I've always been terrible at following directions.

All of the relationships I've had, have always come from casual hanging out and co-incidental encounters. The no pressure sort of thing. I'm pretty sure I wore a hoodie half the time. No blind  dates, random set ups or awkward dinners for this gal. Like I said I stay away from awkward. It's not that I'm socially awkward, to the contrary actually, I'm outgoing and can hold up my end of pretty much any conversation. However I'm also blunt, stubborn, and opinionated, sprinkled with my charmingly sarcastic sense of humor. Oh yea and  I have an itsy bitsy tendency to say the wrong thing at the wrong time, kind of - a lot of the time. 

This is why going speed dating tomorrow night is quite out of the ordinary for me to say the least. 25 people, 7 minutes per person. 7 minutes with someone you don't want to talk to can basically seem like 7 hours. But I'm going to step out of my element and see how it goes. There is a very good possibility that I will dread every second of it. Being bombarded with personal questions by a bunch of strangers is not my idea of a good time by any stretch of the imagination. BUT, on the flip side of things it could actually be fun. So I'm going to stick with that until proven wrong by actual events. The venue is great and I'm going with my best friend, if anything it will be good for a laugh. Plus meeting new people, if they're awesome, is always a good thing. Right?

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  1. yikes, speed dating... i did speed networking one time. it was completely useless in terms of making new "contacts" or whatever, but yeah, i guess it was an experience.

    so i'm guessing you didn't meet anyone?

  2. Hahaha nope sure didn't. Yikes sums up the whole night.


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