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It's all in a laptop...

OCTOBER 26, 2011
I have not abandoned my blog. Although it does seem that way. I have been suffering from broken laptop syndrome! My suffering has been greatly deepened by the lovely customer service staff at Staples. By lovely, I clearly mean awful and if there was a sarcasm font I would use it on my last sentence.

The short of it is, my laptop has been out of commission and "getting fixed" for the past month; still not luck of the actual repairs getting anywhere. My blogging ability relies heavily on a computer which is in proper working order. Staples however is pretty insistent on their shitty way of doing things! The moment they decide to do what I have actually paid them to do, I will be back in business.
What has happened to good customer service? Actually, never mind "good", what happened to customer service in general? Is it a thing of the past, that thing that happened back in the day when soda was a nickel and our parents walked to school both ways, not to mention UPHILL!?

I have to admit I've been going a little nutty without being able to empty my mind. Alas, this time has given me the opportunity to come across some pretty interesting topics which I can't wait to share. I will be back!

the outspoken introvert 

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