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MARCH 29, 2012

OK. So many places to start with this one, it actually leaves me a little speechless. We as a society dress our dogs and put our children on leashes. That's messed up! This continent has officially gone nuts. Get a grip people.

Dear pet owners, your dog will do just fine without the latest threads. Believe me clothes are not imperative to an animal's survival. They have this little thing called fur, which stays on for, well....EVER.  I'm pretty sure your four legged friend will still eat, shit and sleep the same way whether it is sporting a Burberry coat or not. Don't try to peg me as some animal hater here either. That could not be further from truth. There is a miniature pincher in my life, her name is Maple. She doesn't belong to me, she belongs to my sister. That does not change the fact that I love Maple. I dog sit her when my sister goes out of town and I very much enjoy it. However in the winter I have to put on her stupid outfit as directed by my sister. I put on her coat and her shoes, yes she has shoes. I put them on reluctantly. But I do it.  I mean when it's -40, I can see how a dog that size would get a little chilly. Fair enough, I suppose I can agree with the fact that sometimes these clothes serve a purpose. Sometimes they are funny and cute, but some people take it overboard.

I don't see the point in giving your dog a ponytail, dressing him in jeans and a wife-beater then making him pose for what looks like a professional photo shoot. The one in the dress isn't any better. That's weird. That's over the top. That's completely unnecessary. Do people think dogs enjoy this? Do dogs enjoy this? Are people really this bored? Why not take the dog for a walk, or throw a bone without having the dog visit the beauty parlour first.  

And children owners, is that how I should refer to you? As far as I'm concerned you gave up the right to be called a parent the second you put your child on a leash. A LEASH. I mean it is actually laughable. I will admit I don't have children, but I can say with confidence that when I do they will not be raised on a leash. Why? Hmmm, maybe because they are not a dog. Are the people who are dressing their dogs the same people that put their kids on leashes? I am honestly baffled. I suppose an argument for safety can be made here. It keeps kids safer. You know what else keeps kids safe, and I'm just going out on a limb here, good parents that actually pay attention to their children. A leash for your child is another tool to allow you as the parent to not have to pay attention. I can't shake the feeling of how degrading it is. Is lovingly holding your child's hand the old phased out way of doing things? 

I don't want to down play the fact that parenting is hard, and that it gets tiring and that sometimes you are just at your wits end. I dig that. There has to be a better way than a leash though? 

So answer me this, when your child is embarrassing you at an establishment will you take them outside and tie them to a pole? And in the spirit of being ridiculous, can leashed and unleashed kids play together or should playgrounds be separated into leash and off leash areas?

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