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Spread the blame, or not.

MARCH 5, 2012

Although a little outdated the cartoon still makes a good point. We as a society have gotten good at shifting blame. We are only a culture of "I" when it comes to pleasures; surely nobody wants to deny themselves anything. The tables turn when it comes to troubles though, immediately we turn into a culture of "you". Nothing is ever anyone's fault, it's always somebody else's.

It's pathetic really. We are responsible for how our lives turn out! Yes, of course other people have an impact. Sometimes it's good and other times it's not but that does not mean that they dictate the way your story goes. You have to take responsibility for that. 

Taking the above cartoon into account, I've encountered teachers who would have been more suited to be Stalin's personal assistant rather than an educator but me failing a class is not their fault. It's mine. School is just one facet of this trend. Blame shifting happens everywhere, in one way or another it affects our personal and business relationships as well. I see it everyday. I've done it.

Sure there's been times when I've blamed others for my problems. It makes it easier to deal with, depending on how serious the issue was. There has been times where I've felt like the victim and felt hard done by and like all of it was someone else's fault. Of course I get down when times get tough but after a while I get annoyed with self pity and I have to do something about it. Ultimately I'm the only one that can. I believe in personal accountability, it's my story. 

There has to come a point where one stops blaming others. It is imperative to one's evolution as a human being. We have to admit to our mistakes. We have to own them. We have to fix them.  If blame is constantly shifted to other individuals we never learn anything. Instead it reinforces the idea that we can be below average versions of ourselves and that we can get away with it. It is a self-deluded way of going through life.

In the end it comes down to a choice, an honest self-evaluation is hard. Are you going to own up to it or are you going to pass the buck?

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  1. the fault is so easily put on someone instead of putting it on anyone, even yourself, why not just ask "what can i do to improve the situation?"

  2. I agree. Although it is important to mention that some situations are just toxic and should be abandoned all together.

    We should however hold ourselves accountable for our own actions. And of course improve on things whenever possible.

  3. There is a little homogeneous group for everything. We label things. Therefore, we have made it easier to "pass the buck" and blame it on something else.

    For instance, ADHD, if someone wants to shirk responsibility for not getting something done or for texting, talking on the phone, FB, etc they simply blame it on the disorder with no intention of ever meeting the issue head on. It helps them get away with it.

    Blame is something that has always been there. Lack of responsibility too. But now we promote it with avenues to "protect people" from feeling left out or from failure. Seems pretty narcissistic to me. Our choices and actions are what actually dictate the results we get.

  4. I like that you bring up the fact that blame and lack of responsibility have always been there. However, the avenues in which they are being promoted are becoming greater in numbers. It seems that everything is some kind of disorder.

    I also agree with your comment about labelling. Very true.


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