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It's hard to like everyone...

We all have our flaws and pet peeves. I know I'm full of them, but this isn't about me. This is about the kinds of people that rub me the wrong way. Let's be honest it is hard to like everyone.

Number One: The Broad With No Close Girlfriends
You meet her from time to time. After only a short amount of time she professes her love and calls you her bestie, because she's never had close girlfriends and it feels so good to finally have one. She's 29. Now, girls can be catty but let's get one thing straight, when it comes to our friends we stick together. I always found these "lone wolf" females strange. They freak me out. If you've gone through your teenage years and most of your twenties without any close girlfriends, you're doing something wrong. Probably a little to much boyfriend stealing, manipulating and back stabbing. I mean, like with everything there are exceptions to the rule. If, for example, your dad was in the army and you moved for most of your life,  makes sense. Chances are though, even with moving if you're a decent person you'll find people who will stick by you. My rule of thumb for the lone wolf female is to  run in the opposite direction. Seriously.

Number Two: The Person Who Says They'll Do Something And Never Do It
These folks are all over the place with their empty promises. Get out of here. The notion is simple, if you're not going to do it then don't say you will. It's not rocket science. For example if I'm getting a round of drinks, don't say you'll get the next one if you're not planning on it. It's rude to spend someone else's money while squirrel piling yours away. Or you promised someone to help them move and bail at the last minute. It's rude to promise and not deliver.  When you make promises whether big or small people come to depend on you. People come to expect that you'll live up to your word. So do it.

Number Three: The Liar
Ok fine, ignorance sometimes is bliss. Telling lies is part of our world. Sometimes it's to spare our feelings, other times it's to stay out of trouble - the list of reasons is endless. I'm not talking about a person that fibs from time to time; I'm talking about the person who chronically lies about everything. After a conversation with them you end up feeling like they live in an alternate reality or like a bunch of Nigerians just ran an email scam on you.

Oh you flew to France over the weekend, on a private jet with ten super models. Somehow you managed to do that without having a job. I mean hey, if you can stretch no income that far where is that money you owe me? Oh right, you had to send money to your sick grandma because she doesn't have health insurance, so naturally you can't pay me back.

I think I made my point.

the outspoken introvert

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  1. Well said my friend!


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