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I had a run in with Ma'am today. I have to say it used to bother me a little and made me feel, well old. Today, it nearly didn't bother me at all. The words, "thank you ma'am" have lost their chilling sting. Maybe because I've ran into debates about the dreaded Ma'am quite frequently as of late. Some opinions on this four letter little word are quite strong.

"Don't call me Ma'am, my mother is a Ma'am"
"Well before you reach a certain age its just rude"
"Quite frankly, it's ignorant. I mean, do I look like a Ma'am?!"

On and on it goes...

In all honesty, Miss, was my distinct preference. Who knows maybe it's the looming brink of my thirties that has dulled Ma'am right down. Or maybe it's the fact that I'm wise enough now to recognize a term which is meant to show respect. It isn't rude or ignorant, in fact it is considerate and courteous. It carries with it a sense of dignity. So let's give those Ma'amer's a break shall we, they mean no harm.

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  1. I'm from Texas so Ma'am is a frequently used word. It doesn't bother me, and I actually think it's really cute!
    But I know when I go out of state some people don't appreciate it. Haha, just depends on where your from!

    By the way, love your layout. It remind me of a newspaper.


  2. My aunt used to live in Texas, and Ma'am is indeed all over the place there! Thanks for stopping by :)


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