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Advice to writers...

Writing is my cup of tea. It's my outlet. This is why I write. I'm not the best at taking advice. I will listen sometimes, but chances are in the end I'll do whatever it is I want to do anyway. However, here's some advice which is bound to come in handy.

Isn't that the truth. If you want your writing to have an impact it has to be genuine. This means letting go of your reservations, having an opinion. Most of all it means being honest and conveying that to your readers.

Edit. Edit. Edit. Make your writing concise. Get to the point.

Your experiences are just that, your's. Others can guide you but they can't pinpoint exactly what and how to fix something in your life. You have to achieve that on your own. You have to figure out your own story, you have to find your own path.

Make it interesting. Make your readers want more.

Probably the most solid advice of all. Reading a lot and writing a lot makes you practise and practise makes perfect. By reading, you see how others use words to connect, to make a difference. By writing, you put what you've seen to use.

Make every word count. Don't get attached to the useless ones. Every word should have it's place, every word should have a purpose.

Inspiration is everywhere. Don't be a hoarder, get it out there.

Take criticism and get better. Don't let criticism extinguish your dream. If you can't believe in yourself how do you expect others to?

Put in the time to get the words right. It's important. As a writer, getting the words right is all you have.

Use punctuation wisely. It's your best accessory, like a necklace or a great pair of shoes. Without them the outfit is just OK, and so is your writing.

Don't let others tell you that you can't. Don't lose your voice, listen to advice but stay true to yourself and what you want to convey.

The best summary I've seen to date.

the outspoken introvert


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  1. I LOVE what James P. said! So true and so spot on:) Kisses

  2. Great advice and great writers! I'm visiting from the Blog Hop, so hello :)

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