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It Matters Monday

I haven't done one of these posts in a while. I'm actually a little ashamed because of how long it's been. In April 2011, I made a donation to another blogger who wanted to raise $500 towards clean drinking water in developing countries. This is definitely something I can get behind. Like many of us, I've never known what it's like to walk endless miles to get clean water. It's always been readily available. So I decided to help in at least some capacity.

I got an update on my donation today, which I had completely forgotten about. This made my Monday a little less Mondayish, and a lot more awesome. The funds went to work in Ethiopia and Sierra Leone. The email from charity: water was a nice reminder that little things do make a difference. 

Having said that, I will be more diligent with my It Matters Monday effort. 

How was your Monday?

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  1. It always feels pretty awesome to give back. Have you heard of kiva.org? You give little micro-loans to businessmen and women in developing countries to help grow their businesses. Since they are loans you get the money back, and you can then put that money back into another business. Some of the loans are personal too, like people who want to fix their roofs, etc. It makes it even better to know exactly what your money is going toward and how you are making a difference :)

  2. I haven't heard about it, it sounds like a great way of connecting people who need help with those who are able to provide it. I will certainly check it out! Thanks for the info.


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