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Teddy-bear Toss

I'm not a sport nut, but a hockey game is always a fantastic excuse for some wings accompanied by some pints. With the current NHL lockout there hasn't been any pro hockey to speak of. Junior hockey however, is in full swing! On Sunday my girlfriends and I headed to the teddy-bear toss game. It was a lot of fun. There is something electric about being in the midst of a crowd that's bursting with excitement and team spirit. 

First, we got our teddies.

The teddy toss is an annual event. Everyone in attendance is encouraged to bring a teddy-bear, when the first goal is scored by the hosting team the teddies are thrown to the ice.

Second, we sang the notional anthem.

This is hands down my favourite part of any hockey game. The lights dim, everyone stands up, and thousands of people participate in honouring their country. I tear up every time. I might be an emotional geek but it really is touching.

Third, we had pints.

I don't know what they put in this beer, but you have to be careful. It leads to an awesome time. Followed by blurry memories; if over consumed it tops off with a wicked hangover.

We took it all in and patiently waited for the first goal.
............with five minutes remaining in the first period......SCORE!

And the teddies flew through the air. I'm sure mine hit someone below us, probably in the head. I guess I throw like a girl.

There were thousands of stuffed animals on the ice, all different shapes and sizes. There were elmos, cookie monsters, rabbits, dogs, cats and dragons. Some were as big as me! This particular moment beat the national anthem. It was so joyous to see everyone, especially the kids, get so excited and throw their teddies. 

The game had to continue so when the last teddy fell the trucks rolled out to collect. The cuddly creatures were delivered to 50 different charities right in time for Christmas.

Good cause, team spirit and friends make a super Sunday.

the outspoken introvert

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  1. That is so awesome! We just saw footage of the toss on NBC. I wish this NHL lockout would end :(


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