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Things My 20s Taught Me

Your twenties are such an interesting decade. Yes. Interesting. At the start of your twenties you're a kid who knows everything. At the end of your twenties you realize how little you actually know. It is a transformation of mind and soul. You evolve from a little bud to a blooming flower. Your heart hardens a little, your head is screwed on straight, the hangovers hurt a lot more and getting your shit together is a constant battle.

My 20's have taught me things.
  1. Your metabolism ages faster than you. It must. It slows down to a pace of a senior citizen taking an afternoon stroll with their walker. So take it from me, exercise and eat healthy if you want to keep that tight ass. I've picked up both activities after recently falling victim to a pregnancy inquiry. I'm 140 lbs, and I'm NOT pregnant.  
  2. Toxic is toxic is toxic. You can make all the excuses you want but some people are toxic. You think they care, they don't. You think deep down they're a good person, they're not. Just do yourself a favour, get rid of them. You're the main character of your own life, you're not here to save anyone.
  3. Remember that, you are responsible for the way you act no matter how you feel.
  4. Perspective is everything. Life gets tough and some days are shitty but you're either the survivor or the victim.  
  5. Weather you're in school or working things will slowly become mundane. There are going to be moments though, which catapult you into the extraordinary. They will be so intense that they will make you fall on your ass, take your breath away and make your heart skip a beat. Cherish them. Those are the moments we live for.
  6. An undergraduate degree, is for the most part, a really expensive piece of paper that does not make you more employable. Nonetheless, you will not regret your university experience. 
  7. Life gets messy. Make sure you learn how to forgive yourself. You'll make the wrong decisions but don't hate yourself for them. Move on.
  8. Love happens in the most unconventional ways and the most unexpected places. When love happens, let it.
  9. Your heart will get broken. Don't worry it's a strong muscle, it will keep you alive. The pain will go away eventually, some of the memories will stay forever. That's not always a bad thing.
  10. Have sex. Be safe about it. But. Have. Sex. You and me baby are nothing but mammals. Sex is good for you. I won't get into the benefits here, if you wanna know, google them.
  11. Be a person with your own convictions, but know that you will betray them. Especially in your twenties. Make new ones, having your own opinions and knowing why you have them is important.
  12. Be grateful. Love those who are there for you. You can't count on everyone. I found that if you keep your expectations low and standards high you end up with a solid group around you.
  13. Go after what you want. Failure is sometimes inevitable but achieving what you set out to do is worth it.
  14. Say I love you. If you mean it, say it. Say it as often as you can. People want to hear it. The people you love need to know you love them. 
  15. Laugh as often as you can and cry as often as you need to. 
  16. Be young and stupid, this is the only time you have to do it. Safety and security are not guaranteed. However, let those experiences make you older and wiser. 
  17. Live an honest life. Very few things compare to a life lived with grace and integrity.

the outspoken introvert

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  1. Just turned 20 this past Friday, so this was a great post to read! Thanks!


  2. Happy Birthday. You're in for a ride of your life. Enjoy your 20's and stop by any time.

  3. This is such an amazing list. The metabolism thing - TOO TRUE!

  4. UGH sorry, I posted that with the wrong account!

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