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How I dealt with...A Singleton New Year's Eve

The smoke from the fireworks, the glitter, and the bubbly have all gone and well 2013 is here. The world didn't come to a catastrophic end. Probably makes people who have three years worth of food in their bunker feel pretty stupid. I mean, at least I hope it does; but I'll skip that malarkey. 

New Year's Eve marks the end and beginning, it allows for closure and hope to exist in the same night. Although I'm a fan of NYE in theory, I'm not crazy about it in practical terms. The hype is enormous when it's really just another night with a countdown thrown in for good measure. I decided that this year my NYE was going to be different than all the other ones. I was going to stay home. The day before I downloaded a series of rom coms (that's romantic comedies, just in case you didn't know, my favourite by the way. Yeah yeah laugh away) and I was ready. I was ready to do nothing. In true NYE fashion, nothing worked out the way I planned.

I should probably explain why I'm not all fuzzy and tickled about the above mentioned eve. It's quite straight forward. The holidays are a bit tough to go through alone. I don't mean entirely alone like solitary confinement, I mean single. Being surrounded by couples is not boarding the dream boat to a singleton, it's boarding the Titanic. It's a constant reminder of your aloneness. First I had to go through Christmas, explaining my version of why I'm single to everyone that asked. Because you know, that's every single person's favourite. Then followed NYE and I wasn't going to do it. Stand there at midnight without anyone to kiss; surrounded by my drunk, coupley friends making out like teenagers. No thank you. I was determined and armed with the newest releases of Katherine Heigl's humorous love tribulations. It's not a rom com (again, romantic comedy) without Katherine.


Friend B: What are you doing tonight?
Me: Nothing, staying at home. Just gonna chill.

In short, this went through a few cycles of convincing, sprinkled with some guilt trip which finally ended with me leaving the house at eleven. Reluctantly, of course. Right before twelve o'clock, after the pleasantries of hugs and hellos, everyone settled in for the countdown. I filled my glass to the brim with pinot noir and waited in angst for the uncomfortable stroke of midnight to arrive.



Fireworks went off and I was surrounded by kissy couples. Alone. It was splendid. By splendid, I mean it was totally what I expected and the reason I didn't want to go. However, it is rare that a night meets your expectations completely, so there's that. I did get a kiss from friend B, which made me feel a little less lonesome. In the true spirit of the festivities, I downed that pinot like it was my job, I mean alcohol is not the answer but it sure helped.

All in all I can't complain. The night ended with amazing conversation over some kick-ass wine. What more could a singleton ask for. Incidentally, if I'm single next year, I'll have to use the bathroom right at midnight. Coincidence, maybe. 

Happy New Year.

the outspoken introvert

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  1. Right there with you, this year I didn't have any plans and I didn't bother to make any for the same reason. The whole point of New Year's is kinda to end in a kiss so if you don't have any one you kind of look weird standing there alone. I stayed in and I didn't mind one bit! Actually took the stress off of trying to find an outfit, date and all the jazz!

  2. I love this post, you described all these feelings so well. I think it's ridiculous how caught up we all get in some of these holidays, couple or no.

  3. I spent my NYE with a grumpy 20 month old and a demented dog. Babysitting is definitely the answer when you don't want to be surrounded by couples!


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