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Do you have peace?

Someone asked me if I have peace?

Currently, my life looks like this:

I have four jobs.
1. Full-time I do legal and research work in oil royalties.
2. I'm a part-time Bookkeeper.
3. I'm a part-time Mortgage  Broker.
4. I'm a part-time Waitress at a wicked little Italian place.

I'm going to school.
1. Monday evening (Environmental Regulations)
2. Thursday evening (Land Concepts)
3. Whenever I have time (Integrated Approach to the Oil and Gas Industry - on-line)

I'm exercising.
1. Monday at lunch - Yoga
2. Friday at lunch - Kick-boxing

I try to have a life.
1. Tuesday evening
2. Wednesday evening
3. Sunday
   *These are subject to change depending on how much is going on with everything else.

My life is busy and it is chaotic but my answer is, yes, I have peace.

I have peace, but I'm lonely.

the outspoken introvert

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